A New Face and a New Customer Portal at Insurdata

We’re very excited to announce that we recently expanded the Insurdata team as well as our offering for clients…

Paul Burgess, Head Of Client Development

As our work to improve the integrity of property insurance data continues apace, we are delighted that Paul Burgess, long-time catastrophe risk specialist and lately responsible for client development throughout Asia for RMS, has come on board to lead our client-facing activities.

Paul says: “This issue of inaccurate data is a big problem that has existed in the insurance industry for 20+ years. I think the approach and the technology being adopted by Insurdata solves that problem using an innovative marriage of human expertise and technology support and I’m excited to help spread the message about what it can do.”

New Customer Portal

We also recently launched our Customer Portal allowing users to visualise and interact with their data as they apply our proprietary technology to augment exposure location information and property attributes, all in a peril-relevant way.

The portal complements our existing API technology launched last year. We have continued to demonstrate the material impact that exposure data correction and augmentation can have on accumulation zones and modelled loss estimates (see Canopius case study).

If you’d like to understand what this could mean for your exposures, please email expert@insurdata.io.

“We are extremely grateful to those re/insurers who have worked with us to help us evaluate the current industry data baseline and explore ways in which we can collectively raise it”
Jason Futers — Insurdata