Big Ticket Inc. Acquires Insurdata

Insurdata’s technology platform to form the foundations of Big Ticket’s digital infrastructure for commercial insurance.

Insurdata is excited to report its recent acquisition by Big Ticket Inc.

“We’ve seen very clearly over the last few years that there is a transformational opportunity in the insurance industry, represented by better exposure data strategies, and we’ve been thrilled to see that come to life with our customer base”, says Jeremy Sterns, CEO of Insurdata.  “When we met the very talented leadership team at Big Ticket and understood what we could achieve together, we were very excited to join forces.”

Big Ticket has been working with the world’s largest insurers to bring a brand new digitized exposure data solution to the global P&C market – starting with property insurance. It is a global, neutral “API first” infrastructure connecting corporates to their brokers, insurers and the insurance ecosystem. 

“We are convinced that smarter exposure data based on accurate geocoding is essential to the future of the industry”, says Robert Bartlett, CEO of Big Ticket.  “Insurdata is entirely complementary to Big Ticket’s value proposition, and we believe the combination is going to be unique and compelling, both in the platform capabilities and how those are going to be adopted at our partner organizations.”

Insurdata continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary, continuing to offer its full range of services including the most accurate geocoding in the market.  Insurdata’s multi-sourced methodology, partnering with other geocoding services, learning from where they align and where they differ, has often allowed it to achieve 95% accuracy, significantly better accuracy than any other approach. 

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“The industry suffers from a sense of institutional amnesia as an industry - we operate a renewal business, we see the same risks year after year but tend to forget all of the enhancement we’ve made to all of the risk information each time we look at the risks”
Paul Nunn — Head of Catastrophe Modelling at SCOR