Talking deep tech and data models with Insurtech Insider

May 16, 2018

In a two-part interview with Insurtech Insider, Anthemis’s Ruth Foxe-Blader and Oxbow’s Chris Sandilands look at where technology is starting to change the insurance business model, while Insurdata’s Jason Futers explains the role of Insurdata in solving the disconnect between high-resolution models and the low-resolution data that many re/insurers are working with.

The 45-minute blog looks at just how significant the impact of Insurtech on the re/insurance industry has been to date. The panel explore some of the incremental advances that are being achieved in areas such as data analysis and claims management and consider the potential that AI and Blockchain to disrupt every stage in the re/insurance value chain.

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“Insurdata’s technology is used by insurers and reinsurers to develop high-resolution, accurate data where they need it, when they need it, right down to the individual risk level”
Jason Futers — Insurdata