Working for us

At Insurdata, we love great people and really cool technology.

We’re trying to create something different. We’re driven by our desire to create a company that makes a difference; a difference to the Insurdata team, a difference to our industry and a difference to communities. We’re creating something we’re proud of; something that exhibits those principles that drive us as individuals. Our daily actions are guided by integrity, humility, curiosity and courage.

From our dev team building the Exposure Engine, to our catastrophe modelling and exposure management specialists, we’re creating technology to make a material difference. We bring together unique skills to develop the exposure tools that will move industries forward.

We’re a relatively young company, but we’re building fast. That means that we are always on the look-out for great people. If you’re interested and would like more information please contact Jason Futers

“We are extremely grateful to those re/insurers who have worked with us to help us evaluate the current industry data baseline and explore ways in which we can collectively raise it”
Jeremy Sterns — CEO, Insurdata