Our Company

Insurdata intelligently captures, enhances, scores and transfers high-resolution, peril-specific exposure and risk data.

Our mission is to provide re/insurers with granular exposure data at the individual risk level, accessible in real-time at any point in the re/insurance chain. That heightened granularity enables more accurate pricing, supports targeted underwriting and means better informed risk assessment decisions.

Pricing Impact: One recent independent analysis identified 10% of exposures with annual average modelled loss estimate changes of 5% or more.

To deliver on that mission, our experts come from across the re/insurance, catastrophe modelling, technology and risk management fields to create our data thinktank. Out of that collective knowledge base, we have developed a unique data processing system that we call Exposure Engine.

The Exposure Engine converts the crude, incorrect exposure information that underpins underwriting decisions into the refined, peril-specific, accurate data that can effectively power high-resolution pricing and underwriting decisions.

Insurdata technology significantly increases the value received from core functions, such as accumulation management and catastrophe modelling.

By generating and delivering portfolio-wide, high-resolution, accurate data, Insurdata is helping drive the re/insurance industry forward.

“We recently analysed a portfolio with 99% incorrect geolocation data......whilst a shocking statistic, it is most definitely not an isolated example”
Jason Futers — CEO, Insurdata