The Insurdata Exposure Engine provides re/insurance companies with building-level property data delivered via API at point-of-underwriting to support accurate pricing, underwriting and portfolio management decisions.

A range of property-specific data is developed by the Engine, including peril-relevant attributes at the highest level of granularity.

This granularity enables proactive and retroactive analysis of risks based on the latest peril model modifiers and risk assessment requirements. The data also supports enhanced modelling performance, including more precise Annual Average Loss and Exceedance Probability analysis.

The augmented data sets are accessed via API technology through existing risk assessment and exposure management workflows. Generating real-time data at point of underwriting, for pricing, accumulation management, portfolio management and reinsurance assessment, the Exposure Engine helps optimise key decisions throughout the re/insurance value chain.

“Our Exposure Engine provides re/insurers with the resolution and type of data quality essential to maximising the value of today's high-resolution catastrophic models”
Jeremy Sterns — CEO, Insurdata