Exposure Engine

Insurdata’s proprietary Exposure Engine sits at the core of the Insurdata data platform. A fully automated system, it enhances exposure information to provide key data including peril-specific attributes.

The EP results from one recent analysis changed by 15% for the 100-year return period


The component parts

The Exposure Engine includes a diverse range of proprietary technologies and data, creating data from scratch and boosting both the resolution and accuracy of existing data.

Data augmentation is a fully automated process, with each request filtered through a range of technologies, data and distributed networks.

The Insurdata API allows instant access to previously created exposure data, facilitating the development of a rich source of data renewal after renewal, avoiding the need to inefficiently start from scratch at each renewal.

Insurdata’s technology is available via API, efficiently fitting into existing workflows and process. API integration is available through the client’s internal systems or third-party vendor technology at the point of underwriting, or for retroactive analysis of clients’ existing portfolios.

The API technology and SDK capability mean that the system can be fully customised to fit any workflow and existing technology and – this facilitates positioning the Exposure Engine at any or all points along the re/insurance workflow, delivering real-time, relevant data which is accessible from any location at any time.

The right data, created once, enriched forever.

“We suffer from a sense of institutional amnesia as an industry. We operate a renewal business, we see the same risks year after year, but tend to forget all of the enhancements we've made to all of the risk information each time we look at the risks”
Paul Nunn — Head of Catastrophe Modelling, SCOR