Case Studies

Flood risk with SCOR


SCOR and Insurdata, working closely with the modelling firm, Katrisk, conducted a study to assess how high-resolution exposure data available at the original point-of-underwriting informed the underwriting process; and how changes in that data impacted modelled loss estimates used for pricing, underwriting and portfolio management.

SCOR supplied a sample of geocoded property information. The data underwent a series of augmentation processes, including: enhancing building centroid accuracy; developing building perimeter sets; and creating detailed perimeter exposure sets for key locations based on site visits. The data sets were modelled using Katrisk’s storm surge and inland flood models.

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“There is no doubt that there are issues regarding the resolution of the risk and exposure data our industry relies upon”
Paul Nunn, Head of Catastrophe Modelling at SCOR
“We saw the expected losses to flood as a result of the repositioning change by an order of magnitude of as much as 80% in some cases, and that is material”
Paul Nunn — Head of Catastrophe Modelling at SCOR